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Enterprise RED ALERT

India's No.1 Computer Activity Recording-Monitoring-Controlling Software

The World's ONLY Software that Records, Monitors, Restricts & Controls EVERYTHING in Staff Computers

The Greatest Software to Stop, Restrict & Control All Unwanted, Unethical, Fraudulent PC Activities

An ExtraOrdinary, SuperPowerful & WorldClass Software that Works 100% Confidentially & Secretly

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Enterprise RED ALERT

India's No.1 & The ONLY GENUINE Computer Activity Recording-Monitoring-Controlling Software

Enterprise RED ALERT is India's No.1 Employee Computer Activity Recording- Monitoring- Controlling Software. It records moment to moment computer/ laptop activities of employees in multiple formats (100% confidentially, privately & secretly), company owners can monitor & watch them from anywhere using their PC /laptop /tab/mobile and stop- restrict- control all types of unwanted, unethical, personal, harmful, time-consuming, useless, illegal employee activities.

People working on computers will NEVER come to know that RED ALERT is installed and recording- watching- monitoring- checking- restricting- controlling their activities every moment. Starts working in background at startup and without informing people working on computers. Even computer experts or maintenance people can not trace this software. 

Fully applicable to all businesses and industries of any size. Record- check- monitor- stop- control- manage your employees doing unwanted, unethical, personal, harmful, time- consuming, useless, illegal employee activities in office. 


Some of the Features, Advantages, Benefits & Powers of RED ALERT


A multiple Award Winning, Extra ordinary & Worldclass software covered with 27 years of software development, marketing and export experience.

India's No.1 and the ONLY genuine software to record employees' computer activities 100% confidentially, watch- monitor them from anywhere & at anytime and restrict- control all unwanted, unethical, useless, fraudulent, dishonest, unfaithful activities without informing them.

Get moment-to-moment activities of employees in form of Snapshot, Image, Photograph, Audio, Video, Graphics, PDF, HTML, Text, Doc, Excel and all other formats

Get detailed reports of online activities &  internet used & misused by employees. Email received or sent, websites visited,  social media such as  Facebook- YouTube- Twitter- Instagram etc used, porn- gaming- hacking- gambling- shopping and other time- consuming & useless websites used, videos watched, music listened, office data uploaded- downloaded- shared- tampered- copied- stolen, chat conversation made with outsiders, office data hacked or transferred, cyber crime done, accounts data- quotations- confidential business secrets and financial information leaked, games played, viruses entered purposely and other thousands of advantages can be mentioned here. The list is endless.

Get detailed reports of all offline activities done by employees. Track- monitor- check- restrict- control their all types of offline activities including files used, folders used, softwares used, application used, worked on softwares and other thousands of advantages can be mentioned here. The list is endless. 

Record- monitor- track- control all types of frauds- cheating- illegal activities- financial frauds- data leakage and other hundreds of such activities.

Record employees' keyboard & typing activities. RED ALERT records character to character typing activity of employees in a very professional manner. Get detailed reports of their emails, data entries, chat conversation, internet searches and all other activities they do using their keyboard.

Record voice conversation, speeches, internal office conversation and conversation with customers in employees' own voices. Get complete idea about employees' behaviour- nature- character- desires.

Stop employees' doing their personal work or spending hours on non-official activities.

RED ALERT 9 is the ONLY & greatest software to understand character- faithfulness- mindset of employees.

Get instant and free SMS alerts on your mobile if any unwanted- unethical- illegal- useless activity is going on. You are always in touch of your office- business- employees even if you are away or not in office.

No need to visit employee computers to check or monitor or control their activities. You will get emails on your personal email ID from employees' computers with their activity details. And that too, 100% confidentially- secretly- privately. Employees will never come to know that you are recording- watching- monitoring- controlling all of their activities every moment.

Company owner can check live and recorded activities of employees from anywhere and at anytime using their personal PC, laptop, mobile or tab. There are various ways to check & control employees' activities. 

Works 100% Confidentially, Privately & Secretly

Enterprise RED ALERT works 100% confidentially, privately & secretly. Employees will never come to know that this software is installed and recording- monitoring- controlling their computer activities every moment.

Salient Features Available in Enterprise RED ALERT 9

India's No.1 & the ONLY GENUINE Employee Activity Recording- Monitoring- Controlling Software


The Highest Rated, Super Powerful, Multiple Award Winning Software. User Verdict 5 Stars out of 5


Employee Computer Activity Recording- Monitoring- Controlling Software in REAL Sense


Records Second To Second Computer Activities of Employees in MULTIPLE Formats & Ways

Company Owners can Check and Monitor Live + Recorded Activities Using OWN Computer & Mobile

All Unwanted-Unethical- Illegal-Time Consuming Activities can be Recorded, Monitored, Stopped


Records Everything in Form Snapshot,Image,Photographs, Audio, Video, Graphics, PDF, HTML,Text,DOC,Excel

Records All Internet & Online Activities,Websites Visited, E-Mails, Chats,
Data Sharing etc

Records All Offline Activities, Files-Folders-Softwares- Applications Used/Misused with All Details


Records Every Keystroke pressed, Keyboard Used & Typing Activity Done with Full Details

Records Voice Conversation, Internal Conversation,Telephonic Talks of Employees

Watch & Monitor Employee Activities using Own PC or Mobile. No need to Visit Employee Computers


Various Ways Available to Check Activities including Using PC & Mobile,Thru Email,Using LAN/WAN/WiFi

Get Instant & Free SMS Alerts if Any Unwanted, Unthical, Illegal or Criminal Activity is Going On

Restrict-Stop-Eliminate- Control All Unwanted Online & Offline Activities. Make Business 100% Safe


Allow Only Required Websites & Stop-Control All Other Ones. Keep Control Over Internet Misuse

Stop Employees Using Social Media, Porn, Dating,  Gaming, Gambling, Shopping & Uselesssites

Stop Employees Using Dangerous & Harmful Web Related to Hacking,
Cyber Crime, Viruses


Get Reports of Office Info & Financial Data Used/ Misused/Tampered/ Deleted/Sold/ Hacked

Stop All Types of Data leakage,Office Secrets/ Leads/Accounts Data/ Confidential Matter Sharing

Stop Employees Doing Personal Work in Office. Stop them Consuming Time Doing Unofficial Work


Stop Employees Spending Hours on Chatting, Downloading,Music,Games, Videos,Movies at Work

Increase Work Productivity & Potential of Employees by Stopping Them Doing Any Unofficial Work

Understand Mentality, Thinking, Behavior, Act, Faithfulness & Mindset of Employees.Get 100% Output


Enterprise RED ALERT Dashboard

RED ALERT Dashboard.jpg

Enterprise RED ALERT Features & Business Plan

Maximize this video and watch it till it's end. You will be shocked & amazed understanding it's features and unbelievable profit-making business plan

Now It's Time to Check LIVE DEMO of RED ALERT to Get Amazed

Maximize this video and watch it till it's end. This is the real and actual demo copy of Enterprise RED ALERT software. Get full and live idea about this amazing, extra-ordinary and extremely powerful software

About Us

USD EXCELL WORLDWIDE is a Mumbai (Bombay)-based, well-experienced software development, marketing, and export corporation, established in 1993. The company is into the development and marketing of business applications and system-level software, web-based applications, corporate-level customized projects, and turnkey solutions. Have served thousands of corporations and semi-corporates, medium- and small-scale companies, private and government sectors, and individuals. The main strategy is to develop powerful and easy-to-use software covered with the latest technologies,market them at reasonable prices, and provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. Based in Mumbai, the administrative capital of India, the company has received worldwide acclaim among the exporters in the international IT industry. Following are some attributes that the company always feels proud of:

Resources and Infrastructure

We have appointed a handful of software professionals who are extremely talented and vastly experienced in the different dynamics of the IT sector. We have adapted all the sophisticated technologies so as to stand out easily in the competition with the national and international competitors.


A well-managed network controls the internal and external activities of the company. Crossing the boundaries of the nation, we have made our way to many countries around the world. The well-coordinated network has helped us maintain timeliness in delivery.


The R&D department of our company is an efficient one that has been constantly engaged in search of new innovations. The software gets updated after a particular interval, incorporating new features. Thus, our clients are also facilitated by new innovations. The consistent service of more than 29 years in the field of IT and software has enabled us to gain the position of market ruler. We have always tried to facilitate our clients’ businesses with the latest developments in the IT sector. Inspired by the tradition of constant sophistication, we have added numerous feathers to our crown. We are determined to deliver the best at the most effective cost. Year of Establishment: 1993

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